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    The Stonehaus, situated in Westlake Village and along Agoura road, is an experience you don’t want to miss. This is the right spot for anyone to loosen up; its ambiance gets more scenic with its brick and stone architecture where vineyards and gardens surround like you’re in Tuscany. In here, you could also experience a soothing European chic to suburban LA plus its exquisite dishes and vintage wines.

    It’s a restaurant that changes as the sun moves; serving your moods through the day. See more at http://the-stonehaus.com/

    Stonehaus Nipping and Tasting

    Their breakfast menu includes private blend of fragrant roasted coffee and fresh baked pastries. It’s like stepping through the Atlantic in a wonderful moment. Feel the breeze while sitting down at the patio and be fascinated with the blooming sight of the lake, waterfall and Mediterranean designed buildings all over the Westlake Village Inn complex.

    They have also prepared exquisite food selections to serve you up in the lunchtime which is the gourmet particularly made by Stonehaus Executive Chef. These all come fresh, and are good sources of vitamins only seen in this European restaurant. Gourmet salads, panini, fresh-made pizza, salumi, and fromaggi, are just the beginning of the eye-opening mid-day dining experience.

    And during the evening, you can see the amber fire-fed glows and then becomes a winery, bar, and tasting room. This occurs when the Stonehaus begins to glow. Its relaxing tavern-like mood makes it a ideal spot for good friends to hang around and indulge in topical talk.

    Amazing Things You Can Discover at the Stonehaus

    As an artifact of a European winery, the Stonehaus holds an extensive collection of the finest wines. As you gaze at the wine casks and fire pits, you’ll take a sip on their exclusive label wines that came from family-owned vineyards all over the European countries and some other parts of the world. The Stonehaus is an enoteca, evoking a local wine store from Italy, and sophisticatedly comforts itself as a “wine library” for connoisseurs.

    The Stonehaus also hosts wine flights – presenting varietal wines from select vineyards, combined with real Italian fare, to be sipped and experienced inside an authentic European ambiance. From Sparkling Wines and Champagne to Cabernet Sauvignon, come along with your friends and they will experience wine stewards for a nice and informative tour of discovery. At night, you’ll be able to complete the best of European getaway with their Craft Beers, Cordials, and cigars.

    You can get more information here at www.the-stonehaus.com/sip regarding how to partake of exclusive wine-tasting experiences inside the Stonehaus.

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